Human Performance and Improvement

We all want to be our best. The pursuit of good health and wellness is at the caring core of our mission. Human Performance Improvement involves strengthening our mind, body and spirit. Whether you are an athlete that sustains a concussion working to return to the playing field and the classroom as soon and as safely as possible; or you have just beaten breast cancer and you are getting stronger and stronger every day, our health system wants to be there to support you every step of the way. There are many ways you can help this generation and the next be better and better.

Transformative Technology and Equipment

Medicine is advancing and evolving every day and we have to constantly work to stay on the cutting-edge of those advances. The integration of medical innovations into modern healthcare saves and improves quality of life. From bandages and vaccines to three dimensional imaging, robotic surgery and advanced pharmaceuticals; healthcare technology allows us to live longer, prevent diseases, increase safety and comfort, enhance diagnostic capabilities, and reduce surgical recovery time so we can spend more time enjoying life and sharing it with others. We deserve the very best that medicine has to offer. Together we can ensure we have it.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

How do we make Northside Hospital Gwinnett a healthcare destination? The walls of a building are just that. Healthcare is what happens inside those walls. It’s the people who give the care and make the difference. We are dedicated to attracting the very best physicians and care providers to our community. Providing our healthcare team with the tools they need, education they seek and recognition they deserve for their outstanding service and compassionate care helps us to recruit and retain the very best. Philanthropy allows us to attract talent from anywhere and keep them here serving our community and the people we love.

Research and Discovery

The next frontier for our healthcare system in Gwinnett is to discover new clinical innovations through research. Our community has one of the most diverse patient populations on the planet. This provides incredible opportunities for us to collect new and existing data for clinical trials in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, engineering and disease management. Cross pollinating our bench researchers with our bedside care accelerates access to cutting edge quality care for the patients and families we serve in Gwinnett while adding to the body of medical science around the world.

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