Foundation Board

Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors

Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation is a volunteer and donor-driven organization. We are extremely fortunate to have passionate, influential board members whose mission is to help Northside Hospital Gwinnett and Duluth thrive. They are leading the way to ensure that we can continue to offer exceptional healthcare.

Foundation Board of Directors

Executive Committee     

Carlton Buchanan, MD, Chair     

Paige Havens   

Cole Hudgens

Debbie Mitcham* 

Jeff Wages



Julius Ajayi, MD

Mary Jo Albert, MD

Ethel Andersen

Tom Anderson

Kerry Armstrong

Marvin Barge

Sharon Bartels

Kimberly Bates, MD

Renee Byrd-Lewis

Greg Cantrell

Bruce E. Carter, DMD

Murtaza Cassoobhoy, MD

Cynthia Chandler*

Richard Chandler

Lisa Cink

Frank Circelli

Cliff Clark

Kristi Ellis Cohron

George Colletti, DMD

Julia Webb Davis

Norwood & Aerah Davis*

Dan Dunwody, DDS

Adam English

Tom Ferrin     

Will Grant     

David Greene     

Stan Hall         

Greg Hayes

Janna Hayes

Bill Head

Carolyn Hill

Stephen K. Hill

Stephanie Hunt*

Kimberly Hutcherson, MD

LC Johnson

Terri Jondahl

Dan Kaufman, PhD

Mohan Krishnamachary, MD

Lynne Kytle-Henderson

Leslie Leigh, MD

Gary Levengood, MD

Bin Liu

Jim Maran

Tom Martin

Nick Masino

Suzanne Masino

Miles H. Mason, MD

Wayne Mason

David McCleskey

Chuck Moomey, MD

Bartow Morgan

Charles Oglesby

Debra Oglesby

Stacy Patterson

Denise Pecht, MD

Scott Phelan

Beth Phelps

Donny Phillips

Randy Redner*

Nora Rozin

Spencer Rozin, MD

Bill Russell, PhD

Raymer Sale

Kristen Sapp

Tammy Shumate

Chuck Smith*

David Snell

David Still

Clyde Strickland

Mike Tennant

Sid Theus

Perry Tindol

Mike Townsend

Richard Tucker

Marianne Weyen

Kathryn Parsons Willis

Terra Winter*

*Special Purpose Member